Important Staff Application Format

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Head Manager
Staff member
Head Manager
*Please do not use any color other than the default color. You may only bold the questions but the answers must all be in normal font.*

Asking a manager to view your application results in an instant denial of your application.

Must be 14 years of age or older.
Must not be toxic in-game or on another platform.
Must not have more than 3 chat violations.
Must not have a ban since the last reset.

Main Application

In-game name:

What is your age?:

What is your gender? (male/female/other):

Discord Username (name#numbers):

Experience (Optional):

What is your timezone?:

Do you have a microphone? (yes/no):

Can you record 480p 30fps minimum? (yes/no):

How active can you be on all server platforms?:

Why should you be staff on Soraxus?:

What will you bring to the team that others may not be able to?:

What steps would you take if you found someone breaking the rules?:

What steps would you take if you found a staff member breaking the rules?:

Other (optional):

Situations you may encounter staffing on Soraxus, answer to your best ability

If a player asked you where they can post a report, what would you reply with?:

If a player is hacking but you are only a Helper without ban permissions, what will you do?

If a player is stuck or has found a bug, what will you do?:

If a player appears to be cheating, but is AFK and not hurting anyone, what do you do?:

If a large number (15+) of accounts join at the same time, what is your first response?:

If spambots (bot accounts spamming the chat) are advertising, what will you do?:
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