Important Soraxus Discord Rules

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Head Manager
These are Soraxus Network Discord Rules. These rules are in place to make sure everyone enjoys the server and feels safe. Please understand that breaking these rules from now on will result in a punishment. If a manager decides that a punishment should be longer in the case that you broke multiple rules or broke one rule excessively, then deal with the punishment. If this is a real problem for you, make a ticket and the managers will vote on whether your punishment was fair or not. (These rules are subject to change if loop-holes are found and abused)

▸ No spamming or flooding chat in any channel, this includes paragraphs of emojis or nitro emotes

▸ No arguments with staff or other members, please leave them in DMs.

▸No racist or degrading content, slurs comments joking or not you will receive a warning or punishment (this includes offensive remarks or jokes about race, sexuality, etc.)

▸Be respectful of all members in the community, we will not tolerate any form of harassment

▸No begging or fighting with the staff, if you have an issue open a ticket or request to speak to a manager

▸No asking for or spreading other members personal Info (this will be an immediate ban or 10d mute)

▸Don’t argue with staff (if you have an issue open a ticket or request to DM a manager)

▸No spam tagging

▸No adverting without prior permission from an owner or manager

▸No NSFW content (this includes server emojis)

▸No harassing staff in DMs, please open a ticket (this includes giveaways, rewards, in-game things, etc)

Punishments done in order (unless done differently by a manager):
1) a verbal warning
2) a warning
3) a mute
4) temp ban
5) banned

Rules are written by Grim, revised by fishy
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