Important Developer Application

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Head Developer
Staff member
*Please do not use any color other than the default color and colors provided in questions. You may only bold the questions, but the answers must all be in a standard font.*

Asking a staff member to conclude your application results in an instant denial of your application.

Must be 16 years of age or older.
Must not be toxic in-game or on another platform.
Must not have more than 3 chat violations.
Must not have a ban since the last reset.


In-game name:

What is your age?:

What is your gender? (male/female/other):

Discord Username (name#numbers):

Type of Developing you can provide (Code/Configure):

Experience (Include number of years of developing experience):

If Applying for Code Developer

How much experience do you have with concurrent programming?:

How familiar are you with Spigot/Bukkit and their API?:

Are you familiar with using SQL? MongoDB?:

If you have Github please provide a link to your Github here:

What is your timezone?:

Do you have a microphone? (yes/no):

How active can you be on all server platforms?:

Why do you want to work for Soraxus?:

What will you bring to the team that others may not be able to?:

Other (optional):

Please be thorough in your answers, look in Archived Applications for examples of accepted applications, and thorough answers.
Remember that plagiarism is NOT acceptable in any way.
Not open for further replies.